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From creating Rapid Prototypes (RPT), Molding, Box Build, Design for Manufacturability (DfM), Cable Harnessing, Plastic Injection Molding to Sheet Metal Fabrication, we have the ability to manufacture and deliver scalable IoT products.

We support our customers with rapid prototyping (RPT) which helps them in the conversion of an idea to a physical realization as the first step towards manufacturing. Prototyping enhances our ability to offer our customers a wealth of advantages and near-series tests with the required testing scope that enable the physical realization of the concept in a rapid phase.


Our team works with the customer’s design team to ensure that the product’s manufacturing techniques and methods are developed simultaneously with the product development cycle. Our product designs are optimized in a way that streamlines the entire manufacturing process. This prevents wastage, eliminates inefficiency, weeds out undesired processes and maximizes manufacturing yield.

Plastics and Molds

We have decades of experience in making and maintaining injection molds for plastics. We are equipped with modern machineries, design capabilities and manufacturing processes to ensure precision products for various IoT products and applications. Our equipment range includes injection molds, die casting dies and jigs & fixtures.